We Get What We Pay For



I am continually impressed with the Roundup's understanding and support of public education issues in our state. Your "Our View" on Nov. 29, 2005 correctly stated that "fast tracking" potential educators into our classrooms is not the solution to our current, and future, teacher shortages."

Until we decide to pay our Arizona teachers salaries comparable to what we pay accountants, computer programmers, engineers, and pharmacists, we will continue to have difficulty both recruiting and retaining caring, competent, educated, personable and professional individuals into our classrooms.

Teachers should not have to sacrifice their own financial well being in order to do an important job in our schools that benefits our entire state.

However, we all are a part of this problem. We continue to elect individuals to our Arizona legislature who only support funding for education before and during elections. Sadly, many of these myopic legislators are from the Payson/Show Low/Snowflake/Eagar areas of our state. They will tell us of their support for adequate funding for education during election and re-election times, but they are like lemmings to the sea when they are seated at the legislature in Phoenix as they toe their party line to under fund education.

Electing pro-education candidates from our area would lessen the need for override elections in the Payson Unified and Pine Elementary School Districts. We shouldn't have to ‘beg' for money to educate our students, i.e., our future.

Yes, in education, as in the rest of life, we really do get what we pay for.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D., Payson

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