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Q: In Pine, Verizon put in a tower and antenna. Later, two more antennas were added. Just a few weeks ago, 59 more feet were added to the tower and a fourth antenna. You have not told us who any of the new antennas are for. I think that knowing what is available is important for us. Please find out what companies put up antennas and tell us.

A: "American Tower Corporation was "authorized by conditional use permit to extend an additional 30 feet to the existing tower," said Terry Smith, planning department manager for Gila County Planning and Zoning.

Also, the pole may not have been erected to its full height of 120 feet when it was originally placed.

According to an e-mail from the landlord relations department of American Tower Corporation, "Unfortunately, the leases that we have with our tenants are confidential, and therefore we cannot release what tenants are on the tower."

Q: Are art classes coming back to RCMS? If not, why? If so, when?

A: "Art classes are back at RCMS," said Principal Monica Nitzsche. "Mr. Gary Fishel is teaching art this year and doing an outstanding job. He recently showcased student art projects at the holiday concerts. We are excited to be able to offer art to our students."

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