What's Up?


Q: Why can't we access city hall departments through e-mail in this modern day and age?

A: You can.

Accessing the Town of Payson can be done through its Web site, www.ci.payson.az.us/index.html. From there, click "Mayor and Council." The next page has their picture and if you click the names in blue lettering underneath, you can access them via e-mail. From the home page, click "Departments." That will get you to a list of departments. Choose the department you want and somewhere on the department's page, if it is finished, will be a department person's name in blue or "contacts" in red that you click on to e-mail.

Alternately, if you know the first and last name of the town employee you wish to reach via e-mail, type their first initial followed by their last name @ci.payson.az.us

For example, lrimaroo@ci.payson.az.us

Call 474-5251, ext. 147, to reach Roundup's What's Up? line. Leave your question on the answering machine and we'll try to find the answer.

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