A Flag Is A Banner Of Beliefs



I agree with Mr. Tyree regarding the power of knowledge over ignorance. I presume by the examples of the last 40 years in the education system, he is referring to the segregation of the school systems by federal order in the 1960s.

I was a sophomore at Phoenix Union the day we made this horrible sociological transition with Carver High School. The state also raided Short Creek and those captives were also sent to Phoenix Union, so I guess all of us native Arizonans are just ignorant as we tolerate all sorts of social injustice.

Some of his historical interpretations are correct. What war was not created due to economic conditions?

Regarding flags, that flag was one of two flags that lead thousands of this country's best men into its most tragic war. My Dad's side alone lost 12 people in that war, eight Confederate and four Union.

I realize that I am dealing with big time intelligence here, but I still believe you hold your banner to be a symbol in support of your beliefs, which I believe to be prejudiced and, yes, ignorant and bigoted.

Gary Crisp, Payson

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