Barbarians Among Us



Many years ago, man used to hunt to eat. Today man hunts for fun. They go and get their hunting gear and they set out to ambush the animals in their own territory. They can't wait to shoot one dead because (wow!) it is a trophy.

Deer are the most peaceful animals. They thrive to try and make a life for themselves and their families, but they fail due to all of the hunt-hunt mentality of our men. Going into the forest to hunt down the deer is like someone going into a house to hunt down a person. The only difference is that the person is protected and the deer is not. Has any hunter ever thought of how cruel and barbaric the act of hunting a deer is? Or, is it so very important to impress a friend with a kill? When you hunt in the mountains or forest, you are committing a crime against innocent creatures.

Guadalupe Sandoval Pratt, Star Valley

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