Silent Support Of Iraqi War Mirrors Free Rein Given Hitler



What's become of America's soul? There are 58,000 names of dead people on a wall in Washington because the United States government lied to its people and the world. Many in America said "Never again!"

Now, America has bombed a country by choice, killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children. It was known by many, and is now known by all, that no truthful, legitimate reason justified this war. America's leaders lied to and deceived the citizens (sheep) of America to gain support for the killing.

Politicians hypocritically debate whether America tortures. They seek to classify or relate cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. What a farce to make a big show of the torture debate, while they conveniently commit and ignore the most inhumane act -- the bombing and killing of innocents in an unjustified war. They call it "collateral damage." That term must help these "leaders" sleep at night.

It's been said that the German people who remained silent while Hitler and his henchmen committed crimes against humanity were blameworthy in their silence and should be considered "little Hitlers."

The American people who have remained silent and allowed Bush and Cheney to continue on their sick path are already being called "little Cheneys."

Jim Kane, Pine

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