Stop Exploiting The Land



A public "Planning & Zoning Hearing" will be held at 4 p.m. Dec. 22, 2005 at town hall.

KDS Construction seeks the P&Z Commission's approval to build 66 homes on the 16.7 acres they purchased from Payson Concrete March 25, 2005.

This land (with about 700 feet of frontage) is the highly forested area at 400 N. Tyler Parkway. It is the (30 degree angle) hillside on the southwest, up from the gravel yard and with Chaparral Pines across the parkway.

KDS wants to rezone R1-175 (one house per four acres) to R3-PAD, a 66-unit subdivision. The town government, based upon their long-term "Land Use Plan," has already given their recommendation for approval of the zoning change.

I am the primary adjacent property owner, with a 580-foot border along this mountainous terrain. My obscure northeast border could now be occupied by 66 KDS Homes, some only 10 feet away. I have only one home, located (isolated) on 21.67 acres with no future plans for development. I have owned my land for 11 years and have lived in my home for the past eight years. Any development of my acreage was basically "stopped" by enormous costs associated with the 1996 "Unified Redevelopment Code" requirements.

There is such a discriminatory impact upon my bordering residence, I find this rezoning is nearly unbelievable.

Furthermore, KDS plans to construct thousands of yards of paved asphalt roads within their 66-unit hillside development. With tremendous environmental impact, this deforested hillside without "soil containment" could create a slide-down future for Payson.

I believe there is "no existing water" available for the KDS 66-home project, but the developer wants to push forward his "rezoning change" anyway, because of increased property values.

This entire development is an outrageous infringement of the property rights, which affects every resident within the community. Please stop this "exploitation of land" by contacting all the involved town officials immediately.

Nicholas Brotcke, Payson

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