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Q: Shouldn't restaurants in town be required to have a rest room or at least someplace for customers to wash their hands? Subway has neither. I was sent from Subway to Bashas' to wash my hands, so I went to a different restaurant.

A: "Every restaurant is supposed to have a rest room that is available to their customers. If the occupant load is 25 or less, they can get away with a unisex bathroom. Over 25, both male and female rest rooms are required. (Subway) has a rest room," said Ray LaHaye, chief building official for the Town of Payson. According to LaHaye, Subway chooses not to allow it to be used by the public. He said they may have a general use agreement with another nearby business.

The focus of Arizona Department of Health Services' food code is to make sure there is a sink in the food preparation area for employees to wash their hands.

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