Cruises Cater To Every Travel Taste


Often people I talk to about vacations tell me they don't think they would be happy on a cruise ship. "Not enough to do" and "too expensive" are just some of the reasons.

Well, here are a few reasons I recommend a cruise vacation.


Discovery World Cruises travel mainly to exotic destinations such as Antarctica, the Amazon River, the South Pacific, Asia and more.

You unpack once and your stateroom becomes your home for the duration of your trip. The ship does the moving.

The lady becomes a princess with no dishes to wash, no house to clean, and no meals to cook. You suddenly find yourself with dozens of maids and waiters.

Your meals aboard ship are included in the price of your cruise fare. Some ships also offer themed alternative dining for a surcharge.

The man does not have to be the "tour director" equipped with plans, maps, where to stop for meals and the night's lodging. Gentlemen, you settle down to the most relaxing and trouble-free vacation you have ever experienced.

Every ship offers entertainment, movies, dancing, fine dining, deck sports, swimming pools, along with places to get away from it all and read a good book if you choose. Some ships have expert lecturers on board, who give talks on the places and people you are going to visit as the ship travels to destinations you may never have dreamed of visiting.

There are more than 150 cruise ships traveling the seas of the world now. Last year, some 10 million travelers spent vacations on ships, and the cruise business grows each year as more and more people discover the advantages of cruising.

There is a cruise line and ship for almost every taste. There are the so-called mass-market cruise lines that travel to the most popular destinations, and then there are the more premium cruise lines, which offer more luxury and service.

There are a few ultra luxury ships, which feature all suite accommodations with balconies. The food served is gourmet.

You'll find a few ships that travel mainly to the exotic destinations such as Discovery World Cruises, which can take you to Antarctica, the Amazon River, around Africa, the South Pacific, Asia, etc.

Some of the most popular cruise destinations today are the Caribbean, Mediterranean, West Coast of Mexico, Panama Canal, Alaska and Hawaii.

Read the brochures and find out from your travel agent what special deals are being offered by the various cruise lines. You can also search the Internet for cruise lines' Web sites.

Ships come in all sizes today. I personally prefer the mid-sized ships, holding 500 to 800 passengers. These ships are more like a private club, and you get to know fellow passengers during your voyage. Many prefer larger ships with more activities and entertainment.

Choosing the right cabin to dwell in is also important. I prefer one with a window or porthole so I can see out. Even better is a cabin with your own private balcony. To me, life is great sitting on my balcony in the morning having breakfast and reading the daily activity paper and deciding what to take in aboard ship that day.

You'll also want to decide in advance what shore tours you wish to book. There will be talks on your ship telling you what each tour includes, and the pricing. You can make your decision as to booking a tour or just do your own thing ashore.

Your travel agent can also book the flight to and from the ship and make it all easy for you.

I have taken more than 100 cruises all over the world and I will continue to do so. Maybe we'll meet at sea sometime. Happy sailing!

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