Gittin' A Rope For Cowboy Art And Antiques


Authors Jinx and Jayne Peace Pyle have added the Art and Antique Corral to the company they formed for publishing and "other ventures," Git A Rope Enterprises.

The Pyles have added broken-in cowboy gear and Git A Rope candles to the store's inventory of art, books, jewelry and ranch antiques.


Jinx and Jayne Peace Pyle now operate the Art and Antique Corral at 1104 S. Beeline Highway. The couple added broken-in cowboy gear and "Git A Rope" candles to the store's inventory of art, books, jewelry and ranch antiques.

"It started out, I had some spurs and things at the ranch that qualified as antiques," Jinx said. "I just brought them in here on consignment. A little later I got a booth so when the opportunity came to lease it with an option to buy that's what we did."

There are still a few consignment booths, but now, "There's a lot more cowboy type stuff here," Jinx said

Jinx has bought and sold many ranches from owners ready to retire and so has ended up with a lot of old saddles, bridles and antiques.

"We were raised on ranches right here in this area," said Jayne. "The things in (the Art and Antique Corral) are very familiar to us and just reminds one of home and how things were."

Although the couple has never owned a business like this before, they are knowledgeable about inventory because of their background and research.

Their own Western books, nine authored together and separately, including "Rodeo 101," "Looking Through the Smoke," and "History of Gisela," are for sale in the store along side antique copies of Zane Grey novels and new and used books on the Southwest.

"There are antiques. It's the art and antique corral, so there is a lot of good art," Jinx said.

Sean Evans is the "in-house" artist.

Evans burns pictures on wood, paints on sandstone and paints in oils.

"He's very versatile," said Jinx. "He will actually sit in here and do work and talk to people while we're open. If they are interested, they buy his stuff or he shows them other artist's work."

Jayne has brought in more jewelry, but what she is really excited about are the candles.

Git A Rope candles are their own brand poured into jars especially for them.

"There are many scents, but leather is the most popular," she said.

Greeting customers in the back of the store is a bearskin for sale. It is one Jinx said he killed when he was on the Myrtle Ranch about 40 years ago.

"There's a picture of my dad with the bear across his saddle in the Mountain Cowboys book."

Collectible, limited edition Trail of Painted Ponies are corralled and for sale in the store.

"Even if you just want one, they are kind of a neat Christmas gift," said Jinx. "They seem to have them for people in all walks of life -- For people with Harley motorcycles there is a Harley pony."

According to Jayne the store has something else Harley Davidson enthusiasts like -- fringed black leather jackets.

There are tan leather Western-style jackets available too.

The jackets are new, but the hats and boots are not and there is a very good reason for that.

"People come in here and they want a hat with character," said Jayne. "They don't want a new hat, if they did, they'd go to Corral West. When they come in wanting boots they wants boots that are already broken in. It's usually people that are only going to wear them a time or two -- it beats breaking in boots."

She admits she has gotten hooked on them herself.

The Art and Antique Corral has been in Payson for about three years. Git A Rope has been added to the name, yet customers will find much more than a rope inside the nooks and crannies of the store. It is located at 1104 S. Beeline, Payson and open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. The telephone number is (928) 474-0011.

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