No One Says Merry Christmas Anymore!



Just when you think we have become so "POLITICALLY CORRECT" we can't stand ourselves, some simple little thing happens and it reminds us all how sweet our life really is.

My husband and I were just finishing dinner Friday night and the doorbell rang. We hadn't noticed a car pulling up our drive, so as I was walking to the front door I was thinking who could this be. As I approached our door, I could hear sweet little voices singing Christmas -- yes I said Christmas -- carols. I opened the door and there stood two young girls, about 12 or so years of age, singing their little hearts out, and after finishing the carol, there were giggles as well. They said, "Merry Christmas," reached into a bag and handed me two candy canes tied together with a ribbon. I wished them both the same and then arm-in-arm, they turned and hopped down my steps and into the dark street on their way to another house.

How cool was that? It almost made me cry and certainly made our day.

So, to the two young girls, thank you very much for the present of Christmas! Thank you to your parents for raising two fine young girls.

Judy and Barry Chlupsa, Payson

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