Phs Wrestlers Lock Horns In Dual Match


The Payson High School Longhorn wrestling team pinned down a successful two-day run against six other squads during the Rim Country Duals, Dec. 16 through 17.

"The kids had a good weekend," said Don Heizer, tournament director. "We placed someone in the top four in every weight class."


Troy Jenkins, who wrestles in the 173-pound weight class for Payson High School, took a fourth place in the tournament this weekend in Wilson dome.

Payson came up big against San Manuel High School. The Horns out-dueled its longtime wrestling rival with a 7-0 record; San Manuel lost two for a 5-2 standing.

In addition to the Horns' perfect record, three athletes took home outstanding wrestler awards. PHS wrestlers Joe Clark and Daniel McGee nabbed top honors in the lower weight divisions, while senior Lee Perez captured the upper-weight title.

"The kids have worked hard and prepared," Heizer said. "You can see they're making good progress. It appeared to be a real team effort."

As the elimination rounds came to an end, weight classes filled up with the top four athletes from each match.

Duals results

105 weight class

1 Taylor Byers Payson

2 Jose Jiminez Ironwood

3 Brandon Rodriguez Phoenix Christian

4 Brad Opfar Queen Creek

114 weight class

1 Chris Romiti San Manuel

2 Danny Reynolds Phoenix Christian

3 Ryan Cox Payson

4 Hunter Santos Ironwood

121 weight class

1 Joe Clark San Manuel

2 Jordan Bucher Payson

3 Charlie Burroughs Ironwood

4 K. Caldwell Queen Creek

127 weight class

1 Tyler Goodman Payson

2 Duncan Tweed Ironwood

3 Justin Lujan Skyline

4 Daniel Martinez San Manuel

132 weight class

1 Dan McGee Payson

2 Adam Perez Skyline

3 Michael Martinez San Manuel

4 Brandon Vales Ironwood

137 weight class

1 Brandon Chovac Payson

2 Austen Morice Ironwood

3 Todd Workman Queen Creek

4 Jacob Cummins Phoenix Christian

142 weight class

1 Porter Wilbanks Payson

2 Brandon Goldthwaite Skyline

3 Andy Wickizer Queen Creek

4 Nate DeSantiago Phoenix Christian

147 weight class

1 Lee Perez Payson

2 John Crawley Ironwood

3 Roman Salazar San Manuel

4 Cody DeGroot Queen Creek

154 weight class

1 David Cluff Payson

2 Matt Johnson Skyline

3 Corey Zollenger Canyon State

4 Thomas Cochran Ironwood

162 weight class

1 Roberto Villalpando Queen Creek

2 Khalid Wabli Ironwood

3 Wade Monfred San Manuel

4 Nick Goodman Payson

173 weight class

1 Darin Kelly San Manuel

2 Adam Fagger Queen Creek

3 Dustin Abts Ironwood

4 Troy Jenkins Payson

191 weight class

1 Steele Armstrong Payson

2 Rocky Gingg Phoenix Christian

3 David Hollis Queen Creek

4 Michael Sanchez San Manuel

Duals school standings

1. Payson High School

2. Ironwood

3. San Manuel

4. Queen Creek

5. Skyline

6. Canyon State Academy

7. Phoenix Christian

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