Celebrate New Year With A Run


Payson Parks and Recreation Department is taking registrations for the inaugural Resolution Run 10K and 2-mile Fun Run.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 28, so start training now.


The inaugural Resolution Run will be held Jan. 28 at Green Valley Park.

Begin with basic walking, increasing your distances every few days, then, after building your stamina, start jogging. Experts from the British publication "Runner's World" advise keeping water with you as you start training. The same experts suggest using a track for training once a week. "Training on a track ... can bring a valuable element of structure and focus to your running," according to Sean Fishpool and Bud Baldaro of "Runner's World."

The 10K course is 6.2 miles in length, beginning and ending at Green Valley Park.

Registration before race day is only $15. The day of the race, it will cost $20 to enter.

Even if you don't plan to participate as a runner in the new 10K, there are things you can do to support the runners in your family.

The following tips come from Chris Gladwell, newsletter editor for the Stowmarket Striders.

What nice things can I do for my runner in the days before the race?

Give massages, cook carbohydrate-rich meals and tuck your runner in early.

What will I need during the race?

Definitely wear comfortable layers of clothing and comfortable shoes. Be sure you're prepared for all possible weather. Don't forget your camera and a watch. A rucksack is probably your best option for carrying all this and more (see below).

What should I bring for my racer?

Snacks and beverages of their choosing, as well as anything they will want after the race. Find out exactly what that might be -- the right flavor energy bar, the exact ripeness of banana, which fleece jacket. Some kind of pain-relief medication could come in handy, as could bandages, sunscreen, Vaseline, extra socks, a hat and gloves, stretcher, wheelchair, etc.

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