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Q: Why didn't the school start the Christmas break earlier, like Dec. 21, so families could travel, instead of running school, and in some cases finals, right up to Christmas Eve? What's going to happen in 2006 when Christmas Eve is on Sunday?

A: "The superintendent's advisory committee proposes a calendar to the school board based on the needs they see and then the board adopts the calendar. We agree this has made a difficult schedule this year ... because Christmas comes so early in the week next year, we may revisit that calendar." said Payson Unified School District Superintendent Sue Myers.

Q: I am interested in finding out the school schedules at the middle school. I have not been able to find a Web site for the school district. I need to know when their breaks are.

A: The breaks are: Dec. 26, 2005 through Jan. 6, 2006 and Dec. 23 is a half-day for students. The Payson Unified School District's Web address is: www.pusd.k12.az.us/

Q: Does the new Gila County law that cleans up clutter and junk have any effect in the town of Payson?

A: No. Gila County law is for county land only, not incorporated towns.

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