Broker Thinks Wachovia A Better Fit For His Style


Investment adviser Kevin Dick has made a professional change, opening his own company, Kevin Dick Investments and Financial Services of Wachovia Securities Financial Network.

"Everybody has a different philosophy when it comes to their money and everybody has a different plan, so what I try to get my clients to do is paint a picture of what their investments are supposed to do for them," Dick said.


Carrie and Kevin Dick, owners, and Tambra Armenta, office administrator of Kevin Dick Investments and Financial Services. The office is located just north of Coldwell Banker at 719 S. Beeline Highway.

Great communication between a client and broker comes from asking the right questions on both sides, "so we can dig down and find out if the investments we are investing your money in are appropriate for you. ‘Do you want a cabin and a sailboat or is it luxury cruises through your entire retirement? At what age do you want to retire?'"

Dick said he is aware of the competition in Payson and believes that clients should interview several brokers to find the right fit.

He said, "It is important that a client have a broker they can debate with. We may not always agree on things, but you want somebody you can challenge. ‘What do you believe about this investment I'm purchasing? Are you on the right track for the goals I am trying to accomplish?' You want to have rapport with and you want someone who is always acting in your best interests.

"I'm not the broker for everyone. My goal is that my clients be well satisfied with our relationship as well as their investments. I want them to be able to tell me anything so I can best manage their money."

"Wachovia Securities provides all of the compliance and oversight of my business," Dick said.

Client accounts are held at Wachovia Securities and are protected by SIPC (Securities Investment Protection Corporation) insurance, plus additional insurance to the full value of the account.

Wachovia manages $650 billion dollars in assets.

Dick had been a broker with Edward Jones for six years when he moved his practice to Payson in June 2003.

When he made the change to Wachovia, Jamie Ludtke, a branch office assistant, moved with him.

Ludtke is now the client relations person, Dick said and Tambra Armenta will be the new office administrator.

Dick is committed to community involvement. He serves on the hospital board, is an active Rotarian and is 2006 chairman-elect of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Lifestyle brought the Dicks to the Rim Country. They love the outdoors.

"We wanted to raise our kids here," Dick said. "At the time we moved, Carrie was pregnant and we weren't sure if we were going to be fortunate enough to have a child. Now we have one boy (Mason) and a girl on the way in March.

"Since Carrie and I have been here, we feel closer to people than where I grew up (in the Valley). We've got great friends here. We've got great families. We know our neighbors. It's corny stuff, but its true. Payson is a great place to live."

Dick's new office is located just north of Coldwell Banker at 719 S. Beeline Highway, Payson. For more information, telephone (928) 474-4350.

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