Concert Attendance Was Disappointing



Last weekend, my husband and I attended the Christmas concert by the Payson Choral Society. The concert was held at the Payson High School auditorium.

The performance, conducting and special musical numbers were all performed beautifully. The magnificent vocal performances by the two high school students were a highlight of the evening, and the conductor was passionate and connected to her musicians.

Even after practicing for more than 18 weeks, the turnout for the concert was disappointing. Many times I have heard complaints that Payson has nothing to offer as far as entertainment and the arts are concerned. These concerts, along with many others, are examples of what entertainment lies in Payson.

The conductor announced there would be another concert by the Payson Choral Society in the spring, and I would hope that more of the Payson community attends this performance, along with the many other concerts performed by such organizations as the Payson High School Band, Strings, and Chorus. Each of these groups works very hard year-round and deserves a decent attendance.

Charlie Martin, Tonto Village

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