Contractor Policies Welcomed By Insurer


Dan Cobb offers a full spectrum of business and personal insurance products as a licensed agent with American National Insurance Company and American National Property and Casualty Company.

"We do everything under the sun, but we write a lot of contractor's insurance policies because that is our industry (in Payson)," said Cobb.


Dan Cobb

"Because of the construction defect lawsuits that are going on in Arizona and the surrounding states, contractor's insurance can be hard to get, as well as very costly. Rates are skyrocketing and a lot of insurers don't want to insure contractors any more. American National insures contractors with very reasonable premiums. There are some policies out there that have very limited coverage for contractors, and they don't even know it. Ours have great coverage."

Another insurance agent approached Cobb, then 21, and told him, "I think you would take care of people the way you would want to be taken care of and you'll make a great living at it."

Cobb first went to college and had a tour with the U.S. Army before starting in the business."What do I love about this profession? -- As far as the people go, I have the ability to put a whole program together for people and then see it work for them."

It can be a challenge, but it is one he enjoys meeting. He has been in business since 1997.

"My job is to work with their budget and help them achieve the goals they want to," Cobb said.

He offers individuals retirement planning advice, which may include investments, mutual funds, annuities and life insurance.

There is a difference between the needs of someone planning to retire in 30 years and a person just a few years away from retirement.

If they wanted an IRA, for instance, "we would take their time span until retirement and look for investments suitable to their needs," Cobb said. "Someone 30 years old might want growth products, while someone older might be more conservative."

Renter's insurance is another product Cobb recommends.

"People typically don't understand when they are renting that if the place goes, all of their belongings are in there. They don't think about that."

Another thing renters often don't understand is, "if you leave your coffee pot on, and it starts a fire, you are liable for the other apartments (or houses) and all of the damage that has occurred."

According to Cobb, many people buy life insurance to alleviate the pressure that death puts on the survivors. There are many different types of life insurance -- term, whole life, variable universal life. Like the purchase of any financial product, one product does not fit all.

Using his own family as an example, he said, "I want to leave enough money for college for the kids, the house to be paid off and a certain amount of money for my wife each year."

Cobb's office is Suite 3 in Bonanza Square, 200 W. Frontier St., Payson, (928) 474-3200.

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