Nazi Comparison Is Insult



The letter written by Mr. Kane from Pine is an insult to every American serving in Iraq and every Jew.

He's either too young to know what went on during Hitler's time in power, or very sadly misinformed. Remarks such as his are so easily leveled, and show such ignorance. He evidently hasn't talked to very many American soldiers who've voluntarily served in Iraq, who have come home thankful for the opportunity to help the Iraqi people and who have been praised by the majority of Iraqis.

He sounds more like the people from Iran and North Korea who are now interested in blowing us and everyone off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons.

The American people haven't been silent either -- as he seemed to think. We were at war with Iraq last year when President Bush was handily re-elected. No one has said that what President Bush has done has been perfect, but time will prove him to be one of the great leaders and presidents.

Mr. Kane, I would hope you would apologize for your remarks comparing anything we've done to Hitler atrocities.

Pamela Newton, Payson

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