Open Letter To Cart



I, and I assume all other residents of the new town of Diamond Star, received in the mail a four-page letter from an alleged organization (I say "alleged" because "we" could be just one person and the voices in his head) hiding behind the acronym "CART," which must stand for Citizens Afraid to Reveal Themselves. This letter rants and raves irrationally about all the issues pertinent to a newly incorporated town -- issues that were addressed in great detail prior to incorporation and continue to be addressed by our new town council.

The letter is full of untruths, half-truths, speculation: ("We admit we don't know all the details," "These are only guesstimates," "The best we can figure"), and questions - many of which have been answered at the council meeting where the budget was discussed and approved. The "details," the real "estimates," and the true "figures" were all available there. If anyone from CART was there, they did not identify themselves.

CART's "guesstimates" regarding the budget are so far out of the ballpark I'm not sure they're even on the same planet. I have no idea where they got their figures. I'm too polite to speculate about it.

I have this to say in response to CART:

In case you missed it, the incorporation has already happened. Most of the questions you raised were answered a long time ago. Any problems that arise in the future will be worked out, as is true of every community.

Note that I am signing my name, unlike you.

Debra Speakes, "Diamond Star" Valley

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