Paper Was Upsetting



The Roundup paper of Dec. 16 was upsetting.

Page one headline "Defense (Mr. Fish) says evidence will show victim (Mr. Kuenzli) Unstable."

What gall?

It is quite obvious that defense attorney A. Melvin McDonald feels that Mr. Fish is really guilty and is pulling at strings. For him to have pushed for a "psychiatric autopsy" of a man's body that has already been violated by a reckless gunman is obscene.

For a grown man to pull a gun and fire it because three little dogs were running toward him to play certainly is a sign that the person is unstable. For a gunman to fire three shots into the chest of a man who I knew loved animals and was running toward the shooter, I'm sure, yelling "Don't shoot the dogs, Don't shoot the dogs, Don't shoot the dogs" is second degree murder.

I strongly suggest that the prosecutor demand a "psychiatric autopsy" on Harold Fish. End result of that -- case closed. Justice served.

Page 4A "Opinion" letter from Mr. Brotcke, a landowner on Tyler Parkway. Mr. Town of Payson manager, do you think it is cute to allow a developer to build duplex homes on a hill next to Mr. Brotcke's home and land and call them single homes because he is going to have only one water line to each duplex? Also, is it true that this developer wants to tap into the water trying to be stolen from the town of Star Valley and calling it "new water?"

Is it also true that this developer is on the town zoning committee?

God willing, not a drop of water will come to Payson from Star Valley.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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