Victim On Trial



In response to the article, "Defendant says evidence will show victim unstable."

Mr. Fish's attorney, A. Melvin McDonald, is doing a great job of trying Grant Kuenzli in the media, but Judge Mark Moran will rule the information on Kuenzli's mental health is inadmissible. Fish would have had to have knowledge of that (mental health) at the time he shot Kuenzli.

The crime scene is more than 300 feet from top to bottom. The first 100 feet is a gradual downhill slope, the last 225 feet are a steep downhill decline and resemble a riverbed of rocks.

I have had a young, athletic man reenact running down that hill, as Kuenzli did, at top speed. He was unable to retain his balance and had to abort that feat. It is my conclusion that Kuenzli was flailing his arms with a strange look on his face because he had lost his balance and feared smashing into the rocks below when he was shot twice by Fish.

Fish, seeing that Kuenzli was still alive, lowered his gun to within seven inches of Kuenzli's chest and fired the fatal shot, so as to keep from having "legal problems."

I have furnished the prosecutor with 300 names and telephone numbers of people who met Kuenzli and would testify to his stable and kind demeanor.

Among those names were two of Fish's students. One student, Quinn Ponds, was a two-year student of Fish's, and said (in reference to the killing), "I think it would be just in Mr. Fish's nature to do something like that." He added, "It does not surprise me that he would shoot someone first for no apparent reason ... (And) I am highly displeased that he is not in jail."

My response to that statement: Harold Fish can afford a high profile attorney and now, a $300-per-hour psychiatrist. It reminds me of O.J. Simpson, money talks and the victim lies silent in death.

Kuenzli only has me to defend his ever having been alive.

The prosecutor has not called one of those witnesses, because they have a very heavy caseload. Trial is set for Feb. 28, 2006

John J. McCauley, Payson

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