Arizona A ‘Free' State



I would like to make a simple statement to Scott Edward Skinner of Westchester, N.Y. Being a native of the Northeast myself, I can tell you one thing for absolute certain Mr. Skinner, instead of preaching to us, you should first spend a great deal more effort worrying about the problems in your own neighborhood. Problems, which are most often the direct result of the same liberal policies, of which you claim to subscribe.

The main reason why I left the Northeast was the increasing rate at which personal freedoms are being eroded. The state that I came from is one of the most liberal in the nation, and personal freedoms there are no longer a right, they are privileges to be used only with the government's permission.

Do not preach to us here about loss of personal freedom. Arizona is still one of the most "free" states left in the country, and we like it that way.

On another note, Arizona is not the "shadows," as you have stated. We tire of this kind of arrogant northeastern attitude about the rest of this nation. We are also capable of thinking and reasoning intelligently, and are capable of surviving without your assistance.

Bob O'Brien, Payson

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