Bellyaching Worse Than Barking



Letter writer Ken Cohen's letter about aggressive dogs and careless owners (Jan. 28, 2005) sounded like the Payson North Matterhorn neighborhood was a jungle with wild animals running about devouring citizens.

Sorry. I do not buy that.

I have been walking my pets all over Payson North a mile each morning, and again in the late afternoon, rain or shine, for 17 years, including Matterhorn Street. Certainly, numerous times, I have run across dogs who have left their confines to do some friendly exploring. (Not to mention, groups of javelina.) Never have I felt in any danger. Never have I been attacked or bitten.

For javelina, clap your hands a few times and the little critters run like the devil.

For the dogs, talk nice to them and cautiously reach out to give them a pat on the head. They will love you for that. Dogs are natural lovers, "Man's best friend."

Far worse than dogs on Matterhorn are speeding, stop sign-running vehicles.

Dogs bark because that is the way they communicate. The ones that seem to do the most barking are those who are thoughtlessly kept on a leash, and/or fenced in a yard during the coldest days and nights, or the hottest days. Dogs have saved many lives by their barking. We hear that frequently.

Don't be too hard on them. The only thing worse than a barking dog is a bellyaching human.

Watching the "comedy" of the town council and staff on two occasions, at "important" meetings, pushing for a meaningless ordinance for dogs would have been fodder for the late Johnny Carson show.

Regarding that, the town council was bellyaching "up the wrong tree."

Dave Engleman, Payson

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