Payson Could Become Another Mesa Verde



I see where the inevitable is about to become reality, per your Jan. 18 edition, "Town Wants to Take Our Water."

Mr. Benjamin is certainly correct when he rejects the notion claimed by the town that two wells drain water from different parts of the aquifer.

An aquifer is an aquifer and water drawn from any part of it affects the whole. There is a spring on the property I used to own in Star Valley that went dry because of a comparable situation.

So, now Star Valley will be connected to the town's disaster. I sincerely hope the Payson area doesn't become another Mesa Verde which was abandoned by the Anasazi because of the lack of water.

Payson was a nice town, inhabited by nice people when I was a youngster growing up there. I truly loved the place.

Its downfall began with the Federal Land Exchange whereby developers traded worthless abandoned homesteads for property around Payson. Then, the town became incorporated. Now with the overpopulation and greed, property values are overwhelming.

And for what? -- There is an increasing shortage of water.

I can't believe a view of the Rim would be valuable with all the dead pine trees in the overgrown forests. Mother Nature tried to take care of that last year, but with trained firefighters and a bit of luck it didn't quite succeed.

I sincerely hope Mr. Benjamin can co-exist. But once the town has successfully connected to a well adjoining his property, who's next?

It pains me to say I would never consider returning to my beloved hometown.

A member of a proud pioneer family,

Fred W. Haught, Winnemucca, Nev.

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