What's Up?


Q: Last Friday night a red flashing light and a loud bell alarm came from a small fenced area near Checker Auto Parts and Ace Hardware on Zurich Street. What does that alarm mean?

A: According to Dan Simpson, Northern Gila County Sanitary District maintenance foreman, the area houses a lift station, which raises raw sewage to a level where gravity can pull the sewage to the processing plant at the end of Doll Baby Ranch Road.

Last Friday, nonbiodegradable rags plugged the pump, setting off the alarm. Simpson said to call the sanitation district at (928) 474-5257 or the police at 911 immediately if the alarm sounds. Without action, the pump will overflow. Most all lift stations are equipped with sensors that alert the sanitation district ahead of time.

The Zurich Street lift station is one of the few remaining facilities with outdated communications equipment, but said Simpson, the agency is in the process of upgrading the hardware.

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