Adopt A Homeless Animal, Send A Message



I read the article with great sadness about the humane society shelter being overloaded with dogs. It is such a shame that these poor animals may die simply because there's no more room for them. And then, to make matters worse, we're constantly hearing from people giving away or selling their pets, or even worse, looking for other pets to breed to theirs.

A neighbor of ours has continually refused to have her female dog spayed because, "she has such beautiful blue eyes," and she wants the puppies to look like their mother. She intended to breed her with a same-breed dog, but didn't seem to care which dog(s) came into their yard and raped their dog while she was in heat, chained up in their yard.

This poor dog amazingly made it through her first heat without getting pregnant, which was indeed a miracle since they let it run free throughout the neighborhood during most of that time.

Unfortunately, she wasn't as lucky this time around and she is now indeed very pregnant. So, now we have more puppies on the way that will need good homes, which will most likely mean a death sentence for other dogs who haven't had the luck to find a good home yet. We can only pray that she gets a blue-eyed puppy and will spay her dog afterward.

Then there are the people who want to witness the "miracle of birth" or let their children do so. I suggest instead of doing that, they go to the shelter and witness the ‘tragedy of death,' so they can see the big picture here.

It is an outrage that there isn't a law against breeding dogs or cats without being a licensed breeder. Perhaps if it was illegal, these people would think twice about being responsible for their animals and would have them spayed or neutered. The plain fact is that spaying or neutering is healthier for their pets and goes a long way toward alleviating the homeless pet problem. But this doesn't seem to matter to them, so maybe we need to try another angle.

In the meantime, if people looking for a new pet would adopt one from the humane society shelter instead of taking one from these irresponsible pet owners/breeders, maybe they would get the message and stop letting their animals reproduce.

Penny McKinlock, Payson

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