Celebrate Love Every Day



Hearts, roses and poetry surround us in stores just weeks after New Year's Day -- as merchants gear up for Valentine's Day.

I resent being rushed into holidays way before they arrive. It makes everyone feel obligated to participate -- probably on a grander scale than their budgets allow. We are a society of pleasers -- doing things to please the teacher, our parents, our bosses and our spouses.

I have reached an age where I try to do things not because I should, but because it pleases me to do it.

As it happens, it pleases me to celebrate love in the world, and if Valentine's Day reminds people of their love for each other -- then it is a good thing. Maybe we need a holiday to nudge us to slow us down and look at each other with new eyes.

We take a lot in life for granted. Until tragedy strikes, and then we say, "If I only had one more day to spend with him or her, I'd be so happy."

Well, you do have one more day -- today. If you have love in your life, be thankful and tell that person that you love and treasure them. Celebrate love every day. Don't wait for Valentine's Day.

Carol Osman Brown, Payson

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