Music Brings Meaning To Life



This is the letter which I sent to the Pine School Board members:

I have heard that you are cutting music from your school district. I do not think that you should cut music in your school district because most people's fondest memories are in music.

For example, Miss Mason's band went to Manzanita Manor for Christmas one year. They were playing Christmas carols for the patients when a person, who had had a stroke and could not speak, suddenly started singing with the band members. He could then speak again. Just think about how many people might never speak after having a stroke because they do not have music to help them remember.

I have one song I can remember hearing for the first time ever. I remember so clearly that I was 6 years old (I am currently 11), and I was at my grandma's getting ready to go to sleep. I can still remember that song and every time I go to my grandma's I ask her to sing that song for me.

I think I could live without math or science, but I could never live without music. If I could never sing again, then I would probably not have any reason to live. That is how important music is to me. If you cut music, there will be many kids who cannot pass down songs from their generation to the next generation. For example, the song that I mentioned earlier named "Dolly's Mama" has been passed down from my great-great-grandparents to me. That song is one of the most special things about my family.

The music teacher for your school is also one of my mom's best friends. She sings with one of the churches in Payson with Miss Mason and her husband. My mom might stop teaching music if Miss Mason and Mr. Buskirk were not here. So, that may also include students at Rim Country Middle School who would not get to experience music.

I think music is one of the most important things in young peoples' lives.

Without music, do you think we would even be considered a culture? That is what I study about ancient civilizations - their music. Fine Arts are what make cultures what they are. I hope you agree with me and change your decision. Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

Taylor Goss, Sixth-grade, Rim Country Middle School

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