Think It's Bad Here? Things Are Worse In England



As our left-wingers continue their fight against the Second Amendment, look what's happening in England:

Thousands of householders are being robbed, beaten and killed by intruders -- yet if they attempt to defend themselves, they will most certainly be prosecuted by the government, and probably be sued by the intruders.

The Times of London (and most other left-wing media controlled by the New World Order, of course) agree that "Burglars are members of the public who must be protected from violent householders."

Tony Martin, a 54-year-old farmer had been burglarized 24 times. He had had enough. With an unregistered shotgun, he killed one burglar and wounded another (there were three of them). The dead youth had arrests for 29 offenses. The other two burglars had been arrested for a total of 35 offenses.

Yet Martin was prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison (later reduced to manslaughter). Also, one of the survivors (with government funds) sued Martin.

Is this what you want for America? Left-wingers here are working night and day for gun control and criminal's rights.

In January 2004, the BBC (Radio 4) polled 26,000 listeners as to the most important bill they would enact. The first place choice was to "allow householders to use any means to defend themselves in their home." Stephen Pound (an M.P.) said, "The people have spoken -- the bastards." Many in Parliament echoed this sentiment. Much of the liberal media was outraged.

Chief Ian Johnston (Superintendents Association) said, "If the intruder steals some of your property, that's far better than someone getting killed."

This, to me expressed the mentality of a lot of do-gooders in our country. Be wary, Americans.

Russ Krueger, Goodyear

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