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Q: Do the mayor and town council volunteer their time or do they get paid a salary, and if so, how much?

A: Glenn Smith of the town of Payson said the mayor and the councilors are elected officers. Their compensations fixed by resolution of the council (Chapter 30.05 (A) Town Code).

The mayor earns $500 peronth while each council member is paid $250 per month.

Q: Where do you get the questions and answers for Rim Country Trivia in every issue of the Roundup? In the last issue, you cited Arizona as being less than 1 percent true desert. That seems off. Where did you get that information?

A: Reporter Jim Keyworth is the resident compiler of trivia. He gets his questions from books and news stories. Last week's question and answer came from James Crutchfield's, "Arizona Trivia." According to the Bureau of Land Management, Arizona's total land mass is 12.2 million acres. Of that land, only 496,337 acres is Sonoran Desert, which is about 7 percent of Arizona's total acreage. Most of the state is comprised of rangeland and wilderness areas.

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