Control Your Health, The Natural Way



In a study of 10 years ago, it was found that more than 200,000 people died each year from prescription drugs (compared to only 20,000 from illegal drug use). I am sure that these numbers have increased substantially.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once said, "Let your food be your medicine."

After 40 years of studying alternative medicine, I know that what he said was true. Yet, today, Americans are flocking to the doctors and hospitals to be cut, burned and drugged.

I also know that I was recently healed from colon cancer by natural means (and God's intervention) in seven months.

Drugs don't cure disease, they mask symptoms.

Americans, follow the money. The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in the world. Vioxx alone had annual sales of over $1.7 billion in 2003.

Admitted deaths are but the tip of the iceberg.

Celebrex and Bextra may be just as deadly. And, worst of all, the fox is guarding the henhouse.

The Food and Drug Administration, made up of doctors, only protects the industry, not you.

Whistleblower Dr. David Graham said that the U.S. is defenseless against unsafe drugs. (He was instrumental in getting 10 unsafe drugs off the market.) He said "there is a conflict of interest here. The people that approve a drug cannot be relied upon to regulate it."

Americans, get back to natural, raw, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs before you become a statistic in our chemicalized environment.

Russ Krueger, Goodyear

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