Hoodlums Hack Into Homes, Destroy Lives



We are owners of one of the cabins that the juveniles broke into and vandalized in Diamond Point. Our cabin was locked, in fact, locked so tight that they had to take a crow bar and pry off the hasp locks.

They did this to our tool shed then took out a sledge hammer and proceeded to bash in our locked, secured back door. There was nothing left of the door, it was in millions of splinters all over the ground.hey then proceeded to trash the inside of our cabin, including spraying the fire extinguishers all over the whole cabin.

We were sick when we saw the condition of a place we call our other home for the past 20 years. We have been warned by the Gila County authorities that the judges in cases like this tend to "slap" juveniles' hands.

We are appalled that any authority would view this case lightly and with several of our neighbors intend to prosecute to the fullest.

These children need to understand they have uprooted many peoples lives and totally destroyed memories that have been made over years.

Bernard and Suzanne Dupke, Diamond Point

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