Nonbelievers Not Welcome



I am contacting you regarding your story, which highlighted the Jehovah's Witnesses, in the Feb. 11 edition of the Roundup.

Having been raised by loving parents as Jehovah's Witness I have personally experienced the dark side of this denomination. Their treatment of all like "family" does not apply to any of us that decide that we choose to believe differently.

When I became an adult, I decided their belief system was not for me and wanted to no longer be a Witness. I, as a person, had not changed. I had not become a "sinner" overnight and continued the same way of life as I had since childhood, but had only decided to no longer worship as a Jehovah's Witness. Due to my decision, in following the church's policies, my parents and every friend, acquaintance or relative that I had ever known stopped speaking to me.

This abusive treatment occurs all around the world at every congregation to every person that chooses to or is asked to leave their midst.

Perhaps your reporting would be a little more complete and you would paint a much more balanced and true picture if you clarified these facts.

If you do hear something differently from them (they have been known to change their rules from time to time), please let me know and publish it. I would love to show it to my parents and relatives and perhaps be able to get my "family" bac ... I miss them.

Thanks for your help on this.

Martha Barbee, Los Angeles, Calif.

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