Suspect Broke Law, Officer Responds



In regards to the article (Feb. 15), I believe the officer's actions were correct.nfortunate for all involved, but correct nonetheless.

According to the article, Officer Lewis had pulled over Mr. Moreland, suspected drug use, received permission to search the vehicle, at which point Mr. Moreland became excited and reached for something in the car.fficer Lewis knew the person being detained was not following his orders. Officer Lewis felt threatened, justifying the shooting.

Later in the article, Mr. Moreland's girlfriend, Ms. Worthington, states that Mr.oreland "... was a patient, loving man who never raised his voice." This is not the issue being disputed. Ms. Worthington admitshey had stopped and smoked marijuana before they were pulled over. Regardless of whether you agree with whether marijuana should or shouldn't be legalized ... it currently is illegal.

They both chose to break the law. Mr. Moreland chose to disregard the directions of the officer. Life is full of choices, good and bad.f Mr. Moreland had chosen to follow the directions of the officer, the officer's choice to fire his weapon would have ended differently. No one wishes for the passing of another human being in this situation. However, your choices equal your consequences.
Ms. Worthington would have preferred Mr. Moreland getting home that evening alive. Officer Lewis' family prayed for his safe return. Ourfficers have their lives on the line every day. They are there when weeed them.

Guaranteed if Ms. Worthington was in trouble, she would call an officer. If you were in officer Lewis' position, you have but split seconds to determinehe outcome for yourself and others. That is why they are trained to make those judgment of us were there to judge this officer's actions. Whether or not it was the correct one is yet to be determined by 12 of his peers, not in the court of the press.

Ryan Koch, Payson

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