Wipe The Slate Clean And Start Over Again



I suggest that the Star-Valley-Water-Well-for-Payson controversy, well summarized by M. G. Moss in a Feb. 8 letter, once again confirms that the overall administrative apparatus of our town -- like many others -- is corrupt beyond any reasonable hope of repair.t simply reminds us (as if any reminder was needed) that money talks.

On several occasions, I have suggested that Payson needs to be disincorporated, with the very few necessary town functions served by districts or other entities already in place or easily put into place for the purpose.

As a result, we would be able to remove much of the predominantly sordid side of politics from playing any significant role in the administration of our otherwise very pleasant little town. Of course, all the usual loud and noisy proponents of "Down with Big Government" will be among the very first to oppose such a governmental downsizing. This is their chance, but they very stubbornly pass it up.t would be interesting one day, when the opportunity arises, to see just what sort of strange intellectual goo rests in their brain pans.

I would suggest the same for our national administration, which probably will eventually and truthfully be labeled as a criminal one -- but let us start out with just some small steps close to home.t will likely take an entire generation to succeed in such a clean up from this town to D.C. -- but nothing will ever improve if we do not start here and now.

By the way, my favorite City-State-National scandal at this time is the more than a half billion dollars of construction pork being ladled out by our "conservative, fiscally responsible, conservative Republican" national administration to Phoenix for STREETCARS, euphemistically termed by them as "light-rail." Was there ever a more blatant show of complete fiscal stupidity and irresponsibility?

Well, it was nice to once again dream of the ideal in the future, as we did when we were still very young and green, but alas, our species is for some reason wired to be corrupt and will likely remain so until its eventual passing.

Allen Wollscheidt, Payson

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