Wide Variety Of Talent At Fes Show


The talent show at Frontier Elementary School was by audition only. Teachers and administrators asked for a wide variety of talent, and the students obliged. There were dancers and tumblers and jokers. Two magicians, many musicians, and a Tae Kwon Do performer rounded out the line up.

Judging by the applause the children received, it was evident that the 20 performers spent real time practicing their routines and paying attention at the dress rehearsal.

Announcer, fifth-grader Joshua Leonard, cracked his audience up with commentary between acts.

"Presenting Katie and Anna Schouten singing Elvis -- sorry, it's Edelweiss. I'm not too good at songs."

He was on, having a ball as he MC'd an event larger than Frontier Elementary School's Friday morning assemblies.

A drummer since age 5, Curtis James Beckel said of drumming, "I can't really explain it, I just like it." Beckel, now 7, practices every day except on the weekends.


Kayla Ritter and Destiny Henning tumbled their way into the hearts of the audience.

"We had to cut quite a few students for not being prepared, but those that were prepared were just wonderful. As you can see it was just beautiful," said Jessica Cronin, the student teacher for the music department, who is now student teaching, preparing for her elementary education degree. Cronin looks forward to teaching in a regular classroom or music, kindegarten through eighth grade.

"It is a great group of kids we had. Very talented," Cronin added.

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