Clairvoyant Uses Her Calling To Help Others


Dyanne Yellowlight's office, with its sunny yellow walls, and the music of Ireland's Enya in the air, is a soothing place.

Yellowlight, a spiritual healer and metaphysical adviser, and owner of Above and Beyond Holistic Services and Life Coaching, has adorned her office with different motifs -- oriental, American Indian, Egyptian and African. These images represent the spiritual traditions that, combined with her gift of clairvoyance, Yellowlight uses to lead her clients to new truths, purposes and beauty while helping them release pain, doubt and suffering.


"Everybody has the tools to get where they're going," says Dyanne Yellowlight of Above and Beyond Holistic Services. The spiritual counselor works to help those who've gotten off their path.

"We need a little bit of pain and suffering to stay humble," she said. "But we don't need it day after day, and we don't need to impose it on others."

Spiritual counseling is not unlike psychological counseling. Clients come to Yellowlight for answers and insight. Yellowlight encourages her clients to ponder, talk and ask questions. As a person works with Yellowlight, she tunes into their energy and is able to sense where a person has set up barriers. This is clairvoyance -- the gift of seeing not with the eyes, but with intuition.

She said the subliminal gift comes from spending her early childhood in an abusive home where she learned at an early age to read people and trust her intuition to survive.

"I knew I was different from everyone else because I had the ability to walk into a room and feel people's energy," Yellowlight said.

As she grew up and worked to heal the scars of her childhood her clairvoyance evolved to the point where the psychic noise became overwhelming. Over time, she learned to control her gift and understood that her purpose was to help others heal their pasts and open up their futures.

"I can see where people have forgotten themselves, and gotten off the path," she said. "Everybody has the tools to get where they're going."

She took the name "Yellowlight" from her American Indian lineage, traced back to a union between Gen. George Custer and his Siouxan mistress. Yellowlight represents healing of the soul.

Yellowlight came to Payson more than a year ago from Flagstaff, where she worked and lived for 27 years. Although she had never visited the Rim country, she knew Payson is where she needed to be.

"I was drawn to Payson for its authenticity," she said. "This is a place to heal and go through transition."

Yellowlight earned a degree in religious and philosophical studies because she wanted to be educated and competent to inspire credibility in her clients. She is a certified international psychic and accredited by the American Association for Psychics, which enables her to work with law enforcement agencies to solve crimes.

"The process is actually very complex. You have to talk to people you don't know, and they tell you nothing about themselves on a conference call," Yellowlight said. "You have to know at least 90 percent about them.

"It is difficult because you can't directly feel the energy."

Yellowlight's skills have been called upon to solve murders in Flagstaff and Las Vegas, Nev.

She also works with families, especially couples.

"The bickering robs relationships and the children," she said.

She also helps terminally ill patients and mourning families move through the death and dying process while learning to accept what is a natural part of life.

Yellowlight said many clients are skeptical of her gifts and the services she provides.

Most people are afraid to learn of impending negative events, but she said, most lives are filled with happiness and positive growth.

"I can understand their skepticism," Yellowlight said. "I have no problem with this. I don't intrude into a person's life unless they ask."

To make an appointment with Dyanne Yellowlight, call her at (928) 468-2247. You can also visit her website at:

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