Creek Women Plan Pajama Party



Is this weather crazy or what?

My mother, Marion Serge, and my sister, Kathy Kirkland, came to visit on Jan. 20, and from the day they arrived until today, the weather has done nothing but rain and sleet. They couldn't wait to get out of the bad weather in Pennsylvania. My friends say they brought the weather with them.

On the plus side, we should have minimal fire danger this year.

It would be nice to see the sun shine. Last time I checked, we still lived in Arizona.

The Christopher Creek Annual Ladies' Jammie Party is scheduled for 6 p.m., Friday, March 4 at Karen Thorton's home at 928 Columbine (second house west of the car wash). Bring along your favorite appetizer, wear your cutest PJs, and bring along a girlfriend.

The party will continue at Creekside and the Landmark. It's always a fun evening, ladies. For more details call Karen Thorton at (928) 478-4133 or Rhea Hoedl at (928) 478-0381.

Emergency 911 addressing has been completed and new number plates have been delivered to all residents who were at home to receive them. If you missed the delivery, pick up your new number plates at the Gila County Sheriff's Office, 108 W. Main St. in Payson. Any questions should be directed to Trudy Cory, (928) 474-2208 ext. 2827 or (800) 304-4452 ext. 8510.

The numbers must be placed 36-48" high within 8 feet either side of your driveway. For more details, contact Chief Ray Larsen at (928) 478-4011.

Winners of the ladies' nine-ball tournament this week are first place, Michelle Grundy; second place, Patty Boeschling; and third place, Phyllis Mullen. Congratulations, ladies.

These women play nine-ball every Tuesday, alternating between the Landmark and the Double D in Tonto Village. Next week's tournament will be at the Double D. If you want to have fun, show up at 6 p.m. You do not have to be a pool shark to play.


Birthdays this month include: Jennifer Kiley, March 1; Jean Moore, and Marcia Dalessardro, March 2; Randy Dawson, March 3; Audrey Treat, March 6; Steve Hauser, March 8; Chief Ray Larsen, March 11; Bonnie Holmes, March 13; Barb and Jim Wheeler, March 15; Duane Hansel, March 20; P.J. Hidde, March 23; Darla Harger, March 25; and Sandy Hegenderfer, March 27.

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