Humane Society Launches New Fund-Raising Program


The Friends of Payson Humane Society have discovered a great new fund-raising program that doesn't cost anything, and it's even good for our environment -- a real win-win situation for everybody.

"Cash for Critters" is the name of the new program, and it involves collecting empty inkjet and laser cartridges, as well as digital cell phones, and mailing them to an organization that will pay the shelter $2 per inkjet, $1 to $12 per laser, and $2.50 per digital cell phone.

Furthermore, they provide all the eye-catching drop-boxes, posters, explaining the program, and plastic, postage-paid envelopes for people to pick up at various locations in which to mail their cartridges.

One to six inkjet cartridges can be mailed in each envelope. For the larger laser cartridges, the Friends can go to the website ( and print out a mailing label, then mail the package at any UPS drop site, again at no charge to the society.

At this time, Bashas' has agreed to place one of the larger drop-boxes in the store, where people can drop off their empty cartridges, along with a poster and one of the boxes with the plastic envelopes at their film-drop counter.

Once the Friends get additional supplies, they also will have an envelope dispenser box at the library. Fiesta Business Products also has taken some envelopes to hand out, and has placed one of the informational posters in their window.

The Friends of the Humane Society is looking for at least one more location in town for the drop boxes.

If you or your business would like to support this program by allowing having a drop-box or an envelope dispenser box, call (928) 474-4648.

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