Ladies Decorate Mailboxes For Valentines



Tonto Village has not been swept away by flood waters. The waters rose dangerously close at times, but the village has prevailed. I cannot say the same for our streets, however. There are major potholes on just about every street through the village, so that you have to navigate around the very large ones.

My husband, Bill, and I took a ride to Tonto Creek yesterday, and it doesn't even resemble the creek I knew this past summer. It truly did overflow its banks in some areas, and the water is flowing very fast.


The dominoes group of Tonto Village recently gathered to celebrate their version of Valentine's Day with a contest for the best valentine mailbox. They are, from left to right, Annette Godfrey, Linda Stailey, Vicki Grootegoed, Penny Wells, Janet Snyder, Alice Andreas, best mailbox winner Charlie Martin, Dara Sutton, runner-up Marie Coley, and Margie Tolby.

The old fishing holes are unrecognizable at this point, so we will have to do some work in finding new holes come this spring.

Rain totals for Tonto Village are astounding. Roy Tolby of Tonto Village III has become our unofficial keeper of rain totals and he reported that since Christmas, total rainfall has been 20.2 inches. Roy says that 5 inches fell in the last week in December alone. Since Jan. 1, the total stands at 15.2 inches. And we're not through with this round of storms yet.

Residents in Bear Flat and Thompson Draw are still isolated. Most vehicles cannot cross the creek. As of Tuesday, the creek was running at 2 1/2 feet. According to the residents today, the creek has come down to 2 feet, but is still marginal for most vehicles.

The rain total for February in Bear Flat, according to my sources, is 6.47 inches, and the total from Jan. 1, is 15.06 inches. What amazing rainfall.

The ladies showed up on Feb. 16 at the Tonto Village Chapel with their valentines and mailboxes and their Jell-O creations, even though it was raining cats and dogs. The day was a huge success with many examples of how versatile Jell-O can be, from main dishes to desserts.

The winner of the most attractive and creative mailbox went to Charlie Martin. Grant Coley was our very willing judge. Second-place winner was Marie Coley. The group is now planning something special for St. Patrick's Day. The gals meet every Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Tonto Village Chapel and everyone is welcome.

The surprise birthday party for Audrey and Glen Shaw this past Saturday was a great success. Audrey was truly overwhelmed at seeing her brothers and sister and her son and daughter as she stepped into the Double D.

Brothers, Rob Osland, his wife Cheryl, and Doug Osland, and sister Mary Sibley and her husband, Neil, came all the way from Minnesota. Son Mike, his wife, Darlene, and their daughter, Doree, drove up from Mesa. The coordinator of the party was daughter, Sandy Human, along with her husband, Steve, of Pine. A really good friend, Jack Moreland of Minnesota and Mesa was also in attendance to wish Audrey and Glen a Happy Birthday.

Entertainment was provided by Mike Fish, the Karaoke King of Pine, Ariz.


Gail Mortenson of Tonto Village II celebrated her birthday on Feb. 22, Brenda Slapnicka of Rancho Tonto on the Tonto Creek had her big day on Feb. 23, and Chris Manning of Tonto Village III celebrated her day on Feb. 24. Happy Birthday to all of you.

Get well wishes to Phil Davenport of Tonto Village III. Phil is now recovering at home after a trip to the hospital this past week from complications with diabetes. We are all hoping for a good and speedy recovery for you, Phil.

New resident

Ethel Cain now has her fourth foster grandchild living with her. Josh Nebauer, 15, is now attending Shelby School and has become another resident of our small community. Welcome Josh.


The three top winners of the Sunday afternoon pool tournament were Michael Bryan, Pat Wheaton from Mesa Del and Jessica Dudley. Congratulations to all.

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