Town Accused Of Manhandling Water



The denial by the Payson mayor that the town be called a "bully" (Roundup Feb. 18) for stealing Star Valley water, directed me to a dictionary and the meaning of the word "bully." Depending on how the word is used, as a noun, verb or adjective, my dictionary says this:

Bully: "A person who likes to hurt those weaker than him(her)self."

Comment: Payson -- big. Star Valley -- small.

Bully: "Excellent, admirable, jolly, dashing, gallant."

Comment: The mayor?

Bully: "Well done!"

Comment: A number of town staff members? Does this mean like a "cooked goose"?

Bully: "To coerce by threats, intimidate."

Comment: The town legal department?

Bully: "To be quarrelsome and blustering."

Comment: The town council?

Bully, and finally: "Canned or pickled (beef)."

Comment: Well, some residents believe that should be done (canned) with some of the Payson's staff members.

Life goes on.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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