Town's Definition Of Fun Questioned



I spent 15 years as a volunteer coach for youth sports in Payson. Over the years I have coached a lot of awesome children and had fun and a lot of disappointments. The disappointments are in the Parks and Recreation Department.

Our main goal as a coach was for the children to learn and have fun. Somehow I am really confused as I hear that speech from (Director Bill) Schwind and Charlene Hunt. I would like to know what their definition of fun is.

The teams have been and continue to be divided with a lot of experience and talent on a few teams and little to medium experience on the rest of the teams. Several coaches have offered solutions as to the division of teams to make if fair for all children. These suggestions have been and continue to be placed in file 13.

To make this very simple to understand. When children are placed on a team and the team continually loses by 30 to 40 points in basketball, or by 8 to 9 in soccer, this is not fun. If Bill or Charlene do not understand this, maybe an independent poll of coaches needs to be done by a department that parks and recreation reports to. It might surprise some people to find that even the coaches with the winning teams don't think this process is fair.

Jerry David, Payson

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