What's Up?


Q: What exactly is in the mixture of the town is attempting to patch roads with? Crews were in my area last week, filling potholes, and this week, the holes are bigger than ever!

A: The town of Payson fills potholes with cold-mix asphalt. Under very wet conditions, LaRon Garrett public works engineer, said it does not hold up. As of Wednesday, the town is trying another mixture that contains a wet-weather binder to hold it together better. "We haven't had enough rain to test it, but it seems to be holding better," he said. Garrett said the town patches potholes to prevent them from getting larger. "We've got to put a Band-Aid on them until the wet weather passes," he said.

Q: We wonder what's up with the sheriff's posse? What do they do?

A: Lisa Hicks, 911 dispatcher, said the posse is a group of volunteers that helps the sheriff's office with all sorts of activities.

"They're assisting us in helping the people on the east side of Tonto Creek, running food and medication," Hicks said. The posse also does traffic control, protects crime scenes and assist with transporting prisoners from Payson to Globe. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, contact the Gila County Sheriff's Office at (928) 474-2208 and leave a message with the dispatcher.

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