Donations To Benefit Soldiers


Nine 30-pound boxes of goods have been sent to soldiers by the Payson Supply Line since its inception eight weeks ago said coordinator, Lud Kaftan.

"The first boxes we sent reached the guys just a few weeks ago and they were all ecstatic," Kaftan said. "Now we need names of more servicemen and women."

The program was organized to send items not normally supplied by the military to the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Residents of the Rim country have been wonderfully generous, but we are still taking donations," Kaftan said.

Hard candy used for "candy bombs," is a popular request from helicopter pilots. The candy is stuffed tightly into plastic bags, and before a helicopter attacks a target or lands, the crew throws the candy bomb onto the ground. The candy scatters, enticing the children out of harm's way.

Other popular items include: Chapstick, sunscreen, socks, canned and packaged food, especially Vienna sausages, tuna fish and summer sausage, disposable cameras, hot chocolate, powdered drinks, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, batteries, Desinex, mosquito coils, energy bars of any kind, salty snacks and international phone cards.

Kaftan said to make sure the cards are good for international calls, and to shop around. Calls made from the country of origin could cost as much as $1 a minute.

Payson Supply Line also accepts cash gifts.

Kaftan discouraged donating items that contain chocolate. When the weather is hot, the chocolate melts all over everything.

The Payson Supply Line asks family and friends of the young men and women to contact them with their soldier's name, address and requests.

"We're running short on names and we need more," said Kaftan.

Family and friends of soldiers serving in either Iraq or Afghanistan, can contact Kaftan at (928) 474-6981, or Butch Klein at (928) 474-6968 with the soldier's name, address and requests.

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