Residents Rally 'Round Renzi


Congressman Rick Renzi, (R-Dist. 1) had residents of the Rim country packed into the chamber of commerce office during a brief visit Feb. 22.

Renzi heard concerns about the plans to change Social Security. Many residents were worried about the changes, and one called it an attempt to dismantle the plan.

The congressman said the word "dismantle" was caustic and inaccurate.

The proposed changes will not have an impact on citizens currently receiving the benefits.

Other residents supported the plan, saying it would be a good thing for their children and grandchildren.

"It will make them start saving their money," Patricia Thomas said.

When the topic turned to border security, Renzi's audience appreciated his remarks. "With all the money we pay the United Nations, we should be getting its help with our border problems," Renzi said.

Tina Bruess, executive director of the chamber, said she was very pleased with the event.

"I was ecstatic with the number of participants. It was very informative and the congressman was pleased too," Bruess said.

This was the first of 15 to 20 "Coffee with the Congressman" sessions Renzi is planning.

"It's an exciting program and it was nice that we were the first," Bruess said.

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