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Re: Barking dogs at Rumsey Park

In Tuesday's (Dec. 28) Roundup in the ‘What's Up?' section, a question was brought forth about why the dogs at the residence across from the tennis courts are allowed to bark continually. When police sirens are heard, the dogs begin to howl. It's very, very irritating and this situation has been going on for the lastive years that I haveeen playing tennis at Rumsey Park. A police officer lives at this residence, and the paper refused to acknowledge this fact.t. Don Engler states that the problem has "been investigated and resolved." Howan that be when the problem still exists? Today is Friday, Dec. 31 and theogs were barking and howlingll morning during tennis and not one person came out to shut them up even though there is a police car there. What's going to be done?

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