Woman Needs Help Replacing Shrine



For the past couple of years I always walk my dogs on a wooded path just off East Verde Estates Road. A while ago I came upon tworosses that were lovingly placed near the river where Highway 87 crosses over. There were colorful plastic flowers and stones carefully marking this very special memorial.

The crosses were marked with the names Teena and Jim. I would stop by every time I passed and say a little prayer for Jim and Teena and also remember to bless the people who must love them very much to have taken the time to choose this beautiful place to honor them.

This may seem a little unusual, but, I got into the habit of stopping every day to clear the area of weeds.

My mother, father, and my 17-year-old son have also passed away. They are buried too far away for me to visit their graves.

They became like friends to me. I looked forward to my walks where I would embrace the warmth and the love that emanated from those two simple crosses. It was so peaceful to listen to the gentle ripple of the riverand the soothing music of the wind through the trees at the little shrine.

The day before yesterday, I was walking my dogs. I stopped by the two white crosses andsaid a little prayer. went to my car and started to leave.

Then I felt a tug at my heart. I knew that I had to go back to those two white crosses. It was raining and it made no sense at all to get out of the car and trudge through the mud to that little spot by the river, but I did it anyway.

When I got there Ibrushed off the dirt from the crosses and wrote down what was carved on them. I know how strange this must sound. But something urged me to write it all down so I wouldn't forget. This is what was carved on the two crosses: "Teena Stimson, 4-23,1933-2003 and Jim, 11-4, 2003."

Yesterday I went back to the same place to walk with my dogs. Everything was violently washed away by the storm. Irudged through the mud and the mess to where the crosses were. There was nothing left. It was heartbreaking.

I want to replace the little shrine, but I thought that it might mean more if those who loved Jim and Teena could join me in this endeavor. I wanted to somehow celebrate their lives and the love that we can give each other even beyond death, and storms, and all the challenges that life gives us. If you have information that would help me to contact the family of Jim and Teena Stimson or if you would like to help me to replace their crosses, please contact me.

Kathleen Kelly, (928) 468-1614

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