Young Volunteers Get Praises



I wish to talk about four youths who worked side-by-side with members of the Optimist Club and other community volunteers for the Christmas Food Drive.

I will start with Kaila Bohlman, a seventh-grader, who is my daughter's little sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. This was her third year of helping and she helped the entire two days, earning the respect of all because of her determination to work hard, including lifting boxes of food, in spite of her petite size.

Adam Zacharias, who is 16 years old, and the son of one of the volunteers, sorted food, carried things, and took heavy things away from those he considered over-lifting. This young man definitely knew how to work cooperatively with anyone, and seemed to enjoy interacting with us all.

On Wednesday, the day of the distribution, two young people walked in and said "we want to help." They were Iris Cordero and Alfredo Mireless, both 14 years old. After being mistakenly asked by many of the volunteers if they were there for a food box, they went to work and refused to take a break until all was done. In addition to pitching in, they both spoke Spanish, which was extremely helpful with Spanish speaking receivers of food. I have to say that I was impressed with Iris and Alfredo, coming without adult influence to help.

All of these young people came because they wanted to. All of them also plan to come back next year. I would nominate all of these youths for a good guy reward, but thought that four might be too many for one letter and decided I could not mention one of them without the others. I do say, however, from all of us who worked with you, that we thank you for your help and that you should be proud of your giving attitude.

Joan Young, Payson

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