Slow Moving In Christopher Creek



We got so much snow you can barely see Andy and Kristi Cowan's home. All you can see is snow. I would venture to say we got about 12 inches of snow after getting at least 2 inches of rain Tuesday.


A view of the 12 inches of snow that blanketed Christopher Creek and much of northern Gila County Wednesday.

Wednesday the residents of Christopher Creek woke up to a blanket of about 2 feet more snow. This will help come spring with the fire danger. It is really wet and beautiful here, and the children got their first snow day Wednesday.

Those of you who are part-time residents and have a home with a basement, you might want to have a friend or neighbor check on your home. With this amount of moisture, some of the homes are having problems with water entering basements.

The creeks in Christopher Creek and Hunter Creek are extremely high. They should not be crossed. Large logs and debris are starting to clog up in several areas, and they are calling for more snow. Use common sense and do not cross if there are barricades up.

January Birthdays

Christopher Creek residents celebrating birthdays this month include: Mel Milhon (Jan. 1), Betty Mason (Jan. 3), happy belated birthday; Barb Foreman (Jan. 8); Bob Wells (Jan. 18); Charles Byrne (Jan. 20); Duane Rowley, Kip Mystrum, and Candy Hart (Jan. 21); Dan Christian (Jan. 22); Bill Crimons (Jan. 24); Deloris Dale (Jan. 25); Keith Tharp (Jan. 27); Marilyn Salomon (Jan. 30).

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