Village Gets Up To 18 Inches Of Snow



Winter has arrived in Tonto Village in a blast of white. The blast was so furious that the weight of the snow took out our power in the village from early Wednesday morning until late Wednesday afternoon.

A few of our residents tried to measure all the snow and have come up with about 16 to 18 inches of that white stuff. My husband Bill remarked that "Now this is really a winter storm."

The Gila County snow plow made short work of the messy road conditions and cleared the main roads, but unfortunately, he had to go around some vehicles that were parked in the street, making his job a bit tricky.

Please make sure that your vehicle is off the streets during a snow storm, and help make the snow plow driver's job a bit easier.

Village loses a good friend

Loren Long, a longtime resident of Long's Ranch and Tonto Village, passed away Dec. 24, 2004. A memorial luncheon was held Jan. 1 after the service at the Tonto Village Chapel at the Double D Restaurant. It was hosted by Ethel and Danny Cain.

My condolences to Loren's family. Loren will be missed by everyone in the Village who knew him.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger has set aside the back lot of the fire department for Christmas tree disposal. The trees will be shredded up and used as fill and mulch.

Once you take down all your decorations and remove your tree, take it to the back of the fire department anytime, the gate will be open.

Birthdays, anniversaries ...

Irv Bossert from Thompson Draw II and the chairman of the Tonto Village fire board, celebrated his birthday Jan. 4.

Jerry Bauler, of Tonto Village III, and our now retired "water man," will add another candle to his birthday cake Jan. 10. Happy birthday to both of you.

Phon and Dara Sutton of Bear Flat will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary Jan. 12 with some of their family in Phoenix, and they will return to the spot where they were wed, which was at the Phon D. Sutton preserve near Saguaro Lake and reminisce about that day 25 years ago. Happy anniversary to you both, you are a wonderful couple.

Pool cues

A little bit of snow on the ground can't scare pool players away from competing with their neighbors, and the pool games commenced.

This past Tuesday, around 7 p.m., the ladies took over the tables and when the competition was over, Vicki Heyer, Kara Shaw and Cindy Fitch played for the three top spots.

Cliff Landrum, Harvey Poyner and Ethel Cain were the top winners in the Sunday afternoon games. The fun starts at 3 p.m., so come on over and try your pool stick and try to beat the top winners.

Happy New Year

I want to wish my readers a very healthy and happy New Year. I am sure that most of you will be making resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking.

I wish you all good luck.

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